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Is the world real, or is it just an illusion or hallucination ...

We asked renowned neuroscientists, physicists, psychologists, technology theorists and hallucinogen researchers if we can ever tell that the "reality" we are experiencing is "real."

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Why Russians Are Obsessed With Dash-Cams

In Russia, everyone should have a camera on their dashboard. It's better than keeping a lead pipe under your seat for protection. (But you might still want that lead pipe.)

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Is it art or is it noise? | BAKU Magazine

Pharmakon’s scream melted the speaker. It growled out of her chest, ripped through the listeners and crashed to the ceiling of Basilica Hudson, a giant 19th-century glue factory- turned-music venue.

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Listen to Your MoMA | ARTnews

The Museum of Modern Art prepares for its first major sound-art show

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Is Google's Deep Dream art?

A little while ago, Google set an Artificial Neural Network wild to “dream” on the internet. We asked art critics, artists and artistic technology experts if this was art.

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Watch Artist Implant a Net Art RFID Chip Into His Hand - ANIMAL

“Only the stitches hurt, because I looked at them,” artist Anthony Antonellis says, trying not to itch the incision site between the thumb and index finger.

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Inside Jen And Paul's Crazy DIY Double-Decker Chelsea Art Tour ...

A traffic light swooshes past our heads. We duck down under the High Line. From the roof, artist Jennifer Catron leads the tour group to chant “LARRY! LARRY! LARRY!” directly outside one of Larry Gagosian’s 15 galleries, but, unsurprisingly, he doesn’t come out to say hello.

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Bushwick artist makes giant machetes out of Brooklyn street signs

In the end, they look like weathered weapons from an alternate future: a Bedford Ave machete; a STOP sign shield; a long, curved warrior’s blade from various No Parking signs....

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Arabic Programming Language at Eyebeam: قلب Opens the World

“قلب, as far as I know, is the first programming language that’s also a conceptual art piece,” says Ramsey Nasser, computer scientist and a fellow at New York’s Eyebeam Art+Technology Center.

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Fast Company

The Year's Best Art On The Internet

A random dark net shopping bot, a rabid meme music video collage, concept websites, and a browser-based film—these were some of the best artworks of the year, and they weren't hanging in a Chelsea gallery. Some were born digital. Some where built with shareware platforms or crowdsourced. Many referenced, intensified, and disrupted everyday Internet user experience, while spilling into the "physical."

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Merry Indie X-Mas, A Very Cool Holiday Album From ANIMAL ...

Holiday music is lame. Here are cool some "covers" by "Beach House," Interpol" and "the xx," wink wink.

810199 george w bush sourced all his paintings from google article

George W. Bush Sourced All His Paintings From Google

George W. Bush’s solo art show “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” has just opened at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas. It appears as if they are all reproductions of some of the first Google image search results.

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Interview With the Yellowist: Why Rothko Got Tagged and You're Next - ANIMAL

It took all night to flag down Marcin Lodyga in Berlin, while his partner in Yellowism was being held in custody in London for calmly walking up to one of Tate's precious Rothko's and, with a black marker, writing "Vladimir Umanets '12, A Potential Piece of Yellowism" on the canvas....

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The 30 Harshest Artist-on-Artist Insults In History – Flavorwire

The 30 Harshest Artist-on-Artist Insults In History...

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Realistic "You're On (Diet) Coke" Ads - ANIMAL

Here’s a little more realistic take on what “you’re on coke” means.